8.6. Adjustment of the moment of ignition

After adjustment of a gap between contacts of the breaker or replacement of contacts we check installation of the initial moment of ignition. We establish a bent shaft in the provision of the initial moment of an advancing of ignition — for 5 degrees to VMT (the tag on a pulley of a bent shaft has to coincide with an average tag on a camshaft drive cover). We include ignition. We weaken a nut of fastening and we turn the distributor case clockwise against the stop. We press a rotor a hand counterclockwise and slowly we turn the distributor case also counterclockwise before disconnection of contacts of the breaker. At the time of disconnection between contacts the small spark has to slip and be distributed a characteristic crash. We fix the ignition distributor in this situation, having tightened a nut of its fastening.

For specification of correctness of installation of the moment of ignition, having warmed up the engine, we accelerate the car on the horizontal section of the road on the fourth transfer to the speed of 45-50 km/h and it is sharply pressed a pedal of "gas". Weak and short (1-3 c) the detonation knocks in the engine which are taking place with increase in speed speak about the correct installation of the moment of ignition.

If detonation knocks are not heard, we establish earlier corner of an advancing of ignition, turning the distributor case counterclockwise. If knocks strong and long, we turn the distributor case clockwise.