8.11. Councils of skilled

Search of "spark" without assistant

In the course of repair quite often there is a need "to find" a spark. On the car with contact system of ignition it can be made without assistant. Uncover the distributor and take out from it the central high-voltage wire. Include ignition. Rest a sting of the screw-driver against mobile ("plus") contact. If contacts are closed, then several times an otverka open them. If are opened — periodically concern a core of the weights screw-driver (it is admissible, the distributor roller). Generally, the task comes down to simulating operation of the breaker. At the same time in serviceable system between the central wire and "weight" the spark has to appear.

Road repair of a rotor of the distributor

If in way high voltage punched a distributor rotor, it is possible to act this way. Having unscrewed two screws, we remove a rotor and, having put the plastic bag folded double on the centrifugal automatic machine, we put back. Then, having cut off speakers from under a rotor pieces of polyethylene, we fix a distributor cover.