7.7. Removal of the distributor of ignition

We uncover the distributor, without taking out from it high-voltage wires (see. "Removal of a cover and rotor of the distributor of ignition"), also we take a cover aside.

We pick up the phone from the union of the vacuum regulator of an advancing of ignition.

Key "on 7" we turn off a nut of a contact bolt of fastening of a tip of a wire from the ignition coil.

We remove a wire tip.

Key "on 12" we weaken a high nut of fastening of the distributor.

Shaking, we take out the distributor from the distributor drive.

For replacement of a rubber sealing ring of a shaft of the case of the distributor...

... we hook a ring the screw-driver...

... also we remove it.

Before installation of the distributor on the engine we oil a sealing ring engine.

We install the distributor in the return sequence.

At the same time short moustaches of the coupling of the roller of the distributor have to enter a groove of its drive, and the bigger sector of the coupling — to coincide with big sectors of the drive.

We regulate the ignition moment (see. "Adjustment of the moment of ignition")