5. Power supply system

Power supply system: 1 - filter of thin purification of fuel; 2 - fuel pump; 3 - case of the air filter; 4 - carburetor; 5 - a hose of a supply of the warmed-up air; 6 - an air inlet of the warmed-up air; 7 - fuel-supply line; 8 - fuel receiver; 9 - stopper of the fuel tank; 10 - bulk pipe; 11 - ventilating tube of the fuel tank; 12 - coupling of a bulk pipe; 13 - fuel tank.

Description of a design

The power supply system contains the fuel tank, a fuel-supply line, the fuel pump, fuel hoses, the air filter, the filter of thin purification of fuel, the carburetor, hummock drives of management throttle and air carburetor gates.

The fuel tank — steel (45 l), is located under a body floor around a back seat at the left and attached to the body bottom in a back part by an anchor bolt, and in a lobby — two bolts. In a back top part of the fuel tank are located: a branch pipe of a bulk pipe, a ventilating branch pipe and an opening for installation fuel of the receiver combined with the sensor of the index of level of fuel. On a fuel receiver tube in the fuel tank the mesh filter is installed.

The ventilating hose is removed to toplivonat yen to a mouth in the left board of a body. The fuel-supply line — steel, is connected to the fuel tank and the fuel pump through the petrol-resistant rezinotkanevy hoses fixed by collars. The fuel pump is connected by the same hoses to the carburetor and the filter of thin purification of fuel.

The fuel pump — diaphragm, with the mechanical drive from the clown on distributive to a shaft (engine UEPA-331) or on the roller of the drive of auxiliary units (VAZ-2106 engine). The fuel pump fastens through a heat-insulating pro-rate and sealing laying to a head (engine UEPA-331) or to the block of cylinders (VAZ-2106 engine). Despite external similarity and similarity of a design, fuel pumps are not interchangeable. The maximum pressure developed by the pump — 0,22 — 0,30 bars, productivity with a frequency of rotation of a bent shaft 3600min-1 — 80 l/h (engine UEPA-331) or 60 l/h (VAZ-2106 engine). The maximum pressure is defined by rigidity of a spring of the pump (in the absence of ruptures of a diaphragm and thinnesses of valves), and productivity of the pump depends on a pusher vystupaniye over the privalochny plane heat-insulating having pro-become-ki; it is regulated at installation of the pump by selection of thickness of laying (see. "Removal of the fuel pump on the car with the engine UEPA-331", and "Removal of the fuel pump on the car with the VAZ-2106 engine"). The pump is supplied with the lever of manual pumping of fuel which need arises after the long parking of the car (especially in hot weather), dismantling of the fuel pump or the carburetor, a detachment of fuel hoses, full fuel use from a tank. In the pump there is also a fuel filter settler. The mesh element of the filter is washed out in gasoline after removal of a cover of the pump.

The filter of thin purification of fuel on the engine UEPA-331 is located between the fuel pump and the carburetor. On the VAZ-2106 engine in factory execution the filter of thin purification of fuel, as a rule, is not installed. Car owners are recommended to establish it also on the site from a gasoline pump to the carburetor and — attention! — an arrow in the direction of the carburetor. The filter of thin purification of fuel — a non-demountable design, at pollution or damage is subject to replacement. Service life of the filter makes, as a rule, about 10 thousand km.

The case of the air filter on both engines fastens from above to the carburetor. To provide optimum composition of gas mixture, temperature of the air coming to the carburetor has to be maintained in limits of 25-35 °C; the air intake as directly from podkapotny space, and from a final collector which after launch of the engine quickly heats up to high temperature is for this purpose provided. Therefore in cold time the branch pipe of the case of the air filter should be connected to a branch pipe of a zabornik of hot air of a final collector a special corrugated hose.

The filtering element of the air filter — paper, a non-demountable design. Frequency of replacement of a replaceable element — each 15 thousand km. When driving on strongly polluted (soil or main in the large cities) roads a replaceable element should replace earlier — through 10 and even 5 thousand km.

The case of the air filter on both engines is connected to system of ventilation of a case of the engine. In a branch pipe of system of ventilation of the VAZ-2106 engine the mesh flame arrester preventing casual ignition of vapors of fuel in the case of the air filter is located.

Malfunctions of a power supply system of both engines are described in the head "Diagnostics". Service of a power supply system consists in periodic survey of its knots and their connections. At corrosion of the fuel tank, a fuel-supply line, cracking of rezinotkanevy hoses, capacity reduction of the filter of thin purification of fuel and productivity of the fuel pump — replace details or knots.