5.8. Removal of the fuel tank and fuel receiver

Before removal of a tank from it it is necessary to pump out or run out of fuel.

We install the car on a viewing ditch or the elevator.

We remove a protective cap from fuel receiver wires.

Having marked, we remove wires.

Passatizhami we weaken a fuel pipe hose collar.

We remove a hose from the fuel receiver union.

Having weakened a collar...

... we pick up the airbringing phone from the tank union.

Key "on 10" we turn off a nut of fastening of a collar of a bulk pipe.

We remove a collar.

The Shlitsevy screw-driver we weaken a collar of fastening of the rubber coupling to a bulk pipe.

We separate a bulk pipe and the coupling.

We establish an adjustable emphasis under a tank.

Two keys "on 17" raskontrivay nuts of back fastening of the fuel tank.

Head "on 12" we turn off two bolts of forward fastening of a tank.

Having turned off a nut of back fastening...

... we remove the fuel tank.

Having weakened a collar, we remove the coupling from a tank branch pipe.

By the Shlitsevy screw-driver it is turned off five screws of fastening of a fuel receiver.

We take out a fuel receiver with the index of level of fuel.

Connection of a fuel receiver and tank is condensed with rubber laying.

Assembly is carried out е the return sequence, at the same time...

... the ledge on rubber laying has to be directed to the fuel receiver union.