5.6. Removal of the fuel pump on the car with the VAZ-2106 engine

We weaken collars of fastening of fuel hoses to branch pipes of the fuel pump...

... also we remove hoses from branch pipes.

Head "on 13" we turn off two nuts of hairpins of fastening of the pump to the block of cylinders of the engine.

We remove the pump from hairpins.

For replacement of laying or a heat-insulating pro-rate...

... we remove external laying.

We take a pusher.

We take out a heat-insulating pro-rate.

We remove one more sealing laying.

We clear the privalenny plane of the block of cylinders of dirt and the remains of old laying. We establish a pro-rate with laying (between a pro-rate and the block of cylinders) 0,27-0,33 mm thick. Outside of a pro-rate we establish laying 0,7-0,8 mm thick. We insert a pusher and we check its vystupaniye over the plane of external laying, slowly turning a bent shaft of the engine and pressing a pusher a finger. The minimum size of a height of an upaniye of a pusher has to make 1,0-1,5 mm.

We measure by a caliper a pusher vystupaniye.

If necessary we regulate a pusher vystupaniye selection of thickness of external laying (0,27-0,33 mm or 1,1-1,3 mm).

We install the fuel pump in the return sequence.