5.5. Removal of the fuel pump on the car with the engine UEPA-331

We remove the case of the air filter (see. "Removal of the case of the air filter").

Passatizhami we weaken a collar of fastening of a fuel hose to the soaking-up branch pipe of the fuel pump...

... also we remove a hose from a branch pipe.

Similarly we weaken a collar and we disconnect the hose connecting a gasoline pump and the carburetor from the forcing branch pipe.

Key "on 12" we turn off two high nuts of hairpins of fastening of the pump to a head of the block of cylinders of the engine.

We remove the pump from hairpins.

For replacement of laying or a heat-insulating pro-rate...

... we remove laying and a pro-rate from hairpins.

We take a pusher.

We clear the privalochny plane of a head of the block of cylinders of dirt and the remains of old laying. We establish a heat-insulating pro-rate with external and internal laying. We insert a pusher and we check its vystupaniye over the plane of external laying, slowly turning a bent shaft of the engine and pressing a pusher a finger. The minimum size of a vystupaniye of a pusher has to make 1,0-1,5 mm.

We measure by a caliper a pusher vystupaniye.

If necessary we regulate a pusher vystupaniye selection of laying of different thickness.

We install the fuel pump in the return sequence.