4.5. Replacement of cooling liquid on the car with the VAZ-2106 engine

We perform work on the cold engine.

We remove an engine mudguard (see. "Removal of a mudguard of the engine").

We turn off a stopper of a broad tank.

Passatizhami we weaken a collar of fastening of the hose connecting a broad tank and the union in the lower part of the left tank of a radiator.

Having substituted suitable capacity...

... we remove a hose from the union and we merge liquid.

Cap key "on 13" we turn off an opening stopper for discharge of liquid from a shirt of cooling of the engine located in the left part of the block of cylinders...

... also we merge cooling liquid.

Upon termination of discharge of liquid we fix a hose on the radiator union, we wrap a stopper of a drain opening in the block of cylinders of the engine and we fill in liquid through a broad tank. We launch the engine and when falling level of liquid in a broad tank we add it. After a stop and cooling of the engine we check liquid level in a tank and if necessary we add it.