Гибка листового металла услуги по гибке и вальцовке.

4.4. Replacement of cooling liquid on the car with the engine UEPA-331

We perform work on the cold engine.

We remove an engine mudguard (see. "Removal of a mudguard of the engine").

We turn off a stopper of a broad tank. Having substituted suitable capacity...

... we turn off a stopper of the drain opening located in the lower part of the right tank of a radiator, and we merge liquid.

Connection is condensed with a rubber ring - do not lose it.

Head "on 14" we turn off an opening stopper for discharge of liquid from a shirt of cooling of the engine located in the block of cylinders near the ignition distributor.

We merge cooling liquid.

Upon termination of discharge of liquid we wrap traffic jams and we wash down liquid through a broad tank. We launch the engine and when falling level of liquid in a broad tank we add it. After a stop and cooling of the engine we check liquid level in a tank and if necessary we add it.