3.4. Check and adjustment of thermal gaps in the drive of valves

The measurement and adjustment of gaps is carried out on the cold engine.

We uncover heads of the block of cylinders (see. "Replacement of laying of a cover of a head of the block of cylinders").

We uncover the ignition distributor (see. "Removal of a cover of the distributor of ignition").

Key "on 38" we turn a bent shaft for a nut of fastening of its pulley clockwise...

... before coincidence of a tag (drilling) on a camshaft asterisk with a ledge on the case of bearings.

At the same time the tag on a pulley of a bent shaft has to settle down opposite to a tag of VMT (long) on a camshaft drive cover. In this provision of shaft corresponding to the end of a step of compression in the fourth cylinder we check and if necessary we regulate gaps at the final valve of the fourth cylinder (the eighth cam) and the inlet valve of the third cylinder (the sixth cam).

For check of a gap we insert the wide flat probe 0,15 mm thick between the lever of the valve and a cam of the camshaft.

At a normal gap the probe has to be stretched with small effort.

For adjustment of a gap a key "on 17" we weaken an inhaling of a lock-nut of an adjusting bolt, and a key "on 13" we rotate an adjusting bolt, exposing the required gap.

We tighten a lock-nut, holding an adjusting bolt from a provorachivaniye. We check a gap and if necessary we repeat adjustment.

Consistently turning a bent shaft of the engine on 180 ° clockwise, we check and we regulate gaps of other valves in the order specified in the table:

Angle of rotation of a bent shaft, hail. No. of adjustable valves (cams)
0 8 and 6
180 4 and 7
360 1 and 3
540 5 and 2

The angle of rotation of a bent shaft can be controlled also on a distributor rotor. At turn of a bent shaft on 180 ° the rotor will turn on 90 °.

Upon termination of adjustment we establish the removed details in the return sequence.