3.23. Dismantle of conrod and piston group on the car

The Conrod and Piston Group (CPG) is usually dismantled on the removed engine at its full dismantling, but if necessary this work can be performed also on the car, without removing the engine.

We perform work on a viewing ditch or the elevator.

We remove a head of the block of cylinders assembled with a final collector and an inlet pipe (see. "Removal and dismantling of a head of the block of cylinders").

We remove the engine case pallet (see. "Replacement of laying of the pallet of a case") and the oil pump (see. "Removal of the oil pump").

Head "on 14" we turn off two nuts of bolts of fastening of a cover of a rod (the piston at the same time has to be in NMT).

We uncover a rod.

We shift the lower head of a rod from a neck of a bent shaft.

We push a rod with the piston in the cylinder, resting the wooden handle of the hammer against the socket of the lower head of a rod...

... also we take out the piston with a rod from the cylinder.

Similarly we dismantle other pistons with rods.

We establish ShPG in the return sequence (see also "Dismantling and assembly of the engine").

Before installation of the piston with a rod in the cylinder we squeeze piston rings a special mandrel.

We install a rod with the piston in the cylinder, the handle of the hammer pushing the piston through a mandrel.

Similarly we establish other rods and pistons. Assembly is carried out in the return sequence.