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3.18. Removal of an oil separator of system of ventilation of a case

We take out the fuel level probe index from the directing tube. Having weakened collars of fastening of two hoses of ventilation of a case...

... we remove hoses from oil separator cover branch pipes.

Cap key "on 13" we turn off the cap-type nut of fastening of a cover of an oil separator.

We remove sealing copper laying.

We uncover an oil separator...

... and its laying.

Navorachivayem on an oil separator hairpin two nuts of M8 and zakontrivay them.

We turn a hairpin for nuts...

... also we take out it from the oil separator case.

Passatizhami we take out an oil separator from a nest of the block of cylinders.

We wash out oil separator details gasoline or kerosene and we establish in the return sequence. At the same time the drain tube of an oil separator has to enter an opening of the arm attached to lower by a halt but also the planes of the block of cylinders. At installation of a cover we check the oil level probe index coincidence of axes of a drain tube and the directing probe tube.