23.7. Diagnostics of malfunctions of the rechargeable battery

See also "Diagnostics of malfunctions of the engine": "The bent shaft is not turned by a starter"

Cause of defect

Elimination method

The rechargeable battery is discharged

The car a long time was not operated

Charge the battery by means of the charger or on other car

The generator is faulty

See. "Diagnostics of malfunctions of the generator"

The contact in a battery charge chain is broken: fastening of wires on the generator, plugs on the rechargeable battery weakened, the surfaces of plugs or conclusions were oxidized

Smooth out the oxidized surfaces, tighten connections, grease conclusions of the rechargeable battery with VTV-1 lubricant

At the switched-off ignition works hard consumers of the electric power (the radio tape recorder, additional electric devices, radio station, etc.)

Reduce the number of the consumers working from the rechargeable battery. At the long parking take out the radio tape recorder (sometimes food of her memory requires considerable current — several tens milliampere)

Damage of isolation of electric chains, leakage of current on the surface of the battery

Check leak current (no more than 0,01 And at the switched-off consumers), clear the surface of the battery (carefully, acid!)

Short circuit between plates (electrolyte "boiling", local heating of the battery)

Replace the battery

Iron salts, other impurity (the accelerated battery self-discharge) got to electrolyte

Replace the battery

Sulphation of plates because of high concentration of acid or natural aging of the battery (its capacity is small)

Replace the battery

Low level of electrolyte

If there were no electrolyte slopping cases, add the distilled water

Electrolyte on the surface of the battery

The increased electrolyte level

Select electrolyte from cans of the rechargeable battery a pipette with a rubber pear

"Boiling" of electrolyte because of a battery recharge (the increased charge tension)

See. "Diagnostics of malfunctions of the generator"

"Boiling" of electrolyte because of strong sulphation of plates or their short circuit (tension of a charge is normal)

Replace the battery

Cracks on the battery case, are leaky wrapped covers

Wrap covers, clean air vents, replace the battery with cracks on the case