23:18. The applied fuel, lubricants and operational liquids

Place of gas station or lubricant

Quantity, l

Name of materials

Fuel tank of Izh-2126/Izh-2717


Automobile gasoline with octane number not less than 92

The engine cooling system, including system of heating of salon


Cooling liquid with a temperature of freezing is not higher - 40 °C

The lubrication system of the engine UEPA-331/VAZ-2106 at an air temperature: from -20 ° to +45 °C from -25 ° to +35 °C from -25 ° to +45 °C from -30 ° to +35 °C from -30 ° to +45 °C


Engine oils (with level of quality of API: SF, SG, SH, SJ) SAE 15W-40 SAE 10W-30 SAE 10W-40 SAE 5W-30 SAE 5W-40

Case of the transmission Izh-2126/VAZ-2106


Gearbox oils (with level of quality of API GL-4 and viscosity 75W-90)

Case of the back bridge


Gearbox oils (with level of quality of API GL-5 and viscosity 75W-90)

System of a hydraulic actuator of coupling


DOT-4 brake fluid

Rechargeable battery



System of a hydraulic actuator of brakes


DOT-4 brake fluid

Windshield washer reservoir


Water mix with the OBZOR, GLASSOL special liquid or stekloomyvayushchy liquid ASPECT

Shlitsevy connection of the driveshaft


Fiol-1, Fiol-2U

Flood ring of the drive of a starter


Lubricant Litol-24, AGIP GREASE 30, ESSO UNIREX No. 2

Limiters of opening of doors


SHRUS-4 lubricant

Case of the steering mechanism


FIOL-1 lubricant

Spherical support of a forward suspension bracket


ShRB-4 lubricant

Conclusions and plugs of the rechargeable battery, keyholes of doors


VTV-1 autolubricant in aerosol package, TsIATIM-201,-221

Pressure regulator


DT-1 lubricant