23:16. A specification for adjustments and control

Thermal gaps in the drive of valves of engines UEPA-331 and VAZ-2106, mm:


Liquid temperature in the cooling system of the heated-up engine at the air temperature of 20-30 °C, full loading and the movement with a speed of 80 km/h, no more, than a °C


The minimum frequency of rotation of a bent shaft on the mode of idling, min.-1


Oil pressure in the engine lubrication system at a temperature of oil of 85 °C and frequency of rotation of bent shaft 5400 mines-1, MPa (kgf/cm2)

0,35-0,45 (3,5-4,5)

Level of cooling liquid in a broad tank on the cold engine

3-4 cm higher than a tag of "MIN"

Deflection of a belt of the drive of the pump of cooling liquid, mm: the engine UEPA-331 (at effort of 40 kgfs) the VAZ-2106 engine (at effort of 10,0 kgfs)

1-9 10-17

Gap between electrodes of a spark plug, mm: engine UEPA-331 VAZ-2106 engine

0,8-0,9 0,6-0,7

Initial corner of an advancing of ignition to VMT, a hail: engine UEPA-331 VAZ-2106 engine

10 5

Free wheeling of a pedal of the external end of a fork of switching off of coupling, mm


Free wheeling of a pedal of a brake at the idle engine, mm


Free wheeling of a steering wheel in provision of the movement on a straight line, a hail/mm, no more


Convergence of forward wheels, mm


Disorder of forward wheels, hail

0 °45 '±30'

Longitudinal inclination of an axis of turn of a wheel, hail

2 °30 '±30'

Pressure in tires, MPa (kgf/cm2): forward wheels of back wheels

0,21 (2,1) 0,19(1,9)

Minimum admissible thickness of overlays for blocks of forward and back brakes, mm


Liquid level in tanks of a hydraulic actuator of brakes and couplings

To the lower edges of jellied mouths

The maximum bias (dry solid soil) on which the car with full loading is kept unlimited time by the parking brake, %


Course of the lever of the parking brake, teeth


Temperature began opening of the valve of the thermostat, a hail: TC103 (engine UEPA-331) of TC102 (VAZ-2106 engine)

80±3 82±3

Tension on generator conclusions with a frequency of rotation of a rotor of 3500 min.-1 supported by tension regulator at a temperature of 25±10 '' With and loading 16 A with the connected rechargeable battery, In


Gap between contacts of the breaker, mm: engine UEPA-331 VAZ-2106 engine

0,45±0,05 0,4±0,05

Thickness of a brake disk, mm, not less