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22. Features of a design of the IZh-2717 car

Differences in the Izh-2717 car design from the basic Izh-2126 model: 1 - driveshaft; 2 - fuel tank; 3 - body cap; And - a spring back suspension bracket; 5 - rear bumper; 6 - side board of a body; 7 - cap door; 8 - plafonds of illumination of registration plate; 9 - back lamps; 10-back shock-absorbers; 11 - back bridge; 12 - final system; 13 - back board of a body

Features of a design

The Izh-2717 car with a body the van is manufactured on the basis of the Izh-2126 car and intended for transportation of goods.

The car is unified with basic on power units, control systems and control, a forward suspension bracket and partially on transmission.

The fuel tank located under a cargo platform differs from the Izh-2126 car tank, but its removal, and also the device and works on dismantle of a fuel receiver are similar (see. "Removal of the fuel tank and fuel receiver").

Because of bigger base of the car systems of production of the fulfilled gases differ and cardan transfer — the Izh-2717 driveshaft is longer.

Longitudinal semielliptical springs are applied to increase in loading capacity in a back suspension bracket. The beam of the back bridge fastens to springs and therefore differs from the Izh-2126 car beam in places of fastening of elements of a back suspension bracket. The shock-absorber of a back suspension bracket fastens eyes via rubber plugs to a plate of step-ladders and to a body.

On the Izh-2717 car the back lighting devices differing from installed on cars with a body the hatchback are used. The cargo compartment of the Izh-2717 car is closed by a metal cap with a door.