22.4. Removal of a spring

We remove a spring for replacement.

Back fastenings of both springs also disconnect at dismantle of a beam of the back bridge assembled.

We install the car on a viewing ditch or the elevator. We disconnect the lower fastening of the shock-absorber (see. "Removal of the shock-absorber of a back suspension bracket").

Cap key "on 19" we turn off four nuts of fastening of step-ladders to a plate.

We remove a plate of step-ladders.

We remove step-ladders...

... and compression buffer.

We establish an adjustable emphasis under a beam of the back bridge and we raise it on 30-50 mm over a spring.

Cap key "on 19" we turn off two nuts of a cheek of an earring...

... also we remove it.

We hook an assembly shovel a back eye of a spring...

... also we remove it from a finger.

We lower a spring on an emphasis.

We hook an assembly shovel an earring cheek with fingers...

... also we remove it.

Fingers of an earring are established in an opening of a longeron of a body and an eye of a spring via rubber plugs.

Cap key "on 19" we turn off a nut of a forward finger from spherical washers, holding a finger from a provorachivaniye a pipe key for lysk.

The same tools we turn off a nut on the other side of a finger.

We take out spherical washers.

... also we beat out a forward finger through a drift from soft metal.

We take out a finger together with the rubber plug, releasing a forward eye of a spring.

We remove a spring.

Details of fastening of a forward eye of a spring.

We establish a spring in the return sequence.

At the same time the spring has to be turned by an eye of such form to a forward part of the car...

... and such — to back.

At installation of a forward eye of a spring we insert the second rubber plug into an eye through an arm opening for spherical washers.

We replace the deformed spherical washers new.

We put spherical washers cambers outside and we establish in an arm opening.

We tighten nuts of fingers evenly, avoiding a distortion of rubber plugs.

Stacking a beam of the back bridge on a spring...

... we provide hit of a head of a coupling bolt of a spring...

... in an average opening of an arm of a beam of the back bridge.

All threaded connections are finally tightened in situation "the car on wheels".