22.3. Removal of the shock-absorber of a back suspension bracket

We install the car on a viewing ditch or the elevator.

Rasshplintovyvayem a nut of fastening of the lower eye of the shock-absorber to a plate of step-ladders...

... and a cap key "on 19" we turn off it.

We establish an adjustable emphasis under a plate of step-ladders...

... also we disconnect the lower fastening of the shock-absorber.

Similarly we disconnect the top fastening of the shock-absorber...

... also we remove the shock-absorber.

In an eye of the shock-absorber rubber plugs are installed, and axial movement of an eye is limited by steel washers.

We install the shock-absorber in the return sequence, at the same time nuts are finally tightened in situation "the car on wheels".