21.5. Removal of a radiator of a heater

The radiator of a heater can be dismantled, without removing the heater case. We remove the lower part of the dashboard (see. "Removal of the dashboard").

We merge cooling liquid from the engine.

In interior of the car on the right side of the heater case...

... passatizham we weaken a collar of the bringing heater hose.

We weaken a collar of the taking-away heater hose.

We remove both hoses from heater radiator branch pipes.

By the crosswise screw-driver it is turned off two self-tapping screws of fastening of a clamping level of a radiator otopitey.

We remove a clamping level.

We remove a radiator to the right...

... also we take out it from the heater case.

For removal of a branch pipe...

... a key "on 8" we turn off two nuts.

We remove a branch pipe...

... and rubber laying.

Similarly we remove other branch pipe.

We establish a radiator in the return sequence, having replaced porolonovy a sealant.