20.8. Replacement of a windshield

To take the damaged windshield, we remove the dashboard (see. "Removal of the dashboard"), leads of screen wipers and an overlay of forward racks, we fill sealant edges for a flange of an aperture of a body and, pressing the top corners of glass, we squeeze out it outside. At the same time the assistant has to support glass outside.

We examine and, if necessary, we replace a sealant with new.

Establishing a windshield, we wash out water grooves of a sealant and we blow compressed air.

We put on a sealant a windshield.

We grease a sealant groove with soap solution.

We insert into the first (from salon) a sealant groove a cord so...

... that the ends of a cord laid down with an overlap in the lower part of glass.

We put glass in an aperture so that the ends of a cord appeared in salon. The assistant presses glass to an aperture.

Extending a cord...

... we draw edge of a sealant through an aperture edge.

We make replacement of glasses of a door of a back and sidewalls similarly.