20:15. Removal of a door and adjustment of provision of a door in an aperture

We perform work with the assistant.

Drift with a diameter of 4-5 mm we beat out an axis of the limiter of opening of a door.

We take out an axis.

The assistant holds a door.

Cap key "on 13" we turn off two bolts of fastening of the top loop to a door.

Similarly we disconnect the lower loop...

... also we remove a door.

Loops are also attached to a body by bolts.

We establish a door in the return sequence.

If external edges of a door act or are drowned rather corresponding edges of a doorway more than on 2 mm or a door is displaced in an aperture up or down, we regulate the provision of a door, having weakened bolts of fastening of loops to a door.

If the door is displaced in the longitudinal direction, then adjustment is possible when weakening bolts of fastening of loops to a body which are available only at the removed forward wing.

If after adjustment the door changed the situation in an aperture, then it is necessary to adjust position of a finger of the lock on the central rack of a body, having weakened it a key "on 17".