2. Engine UEPA-331

Engine UEPA-331: 1 - pulley of a bent shaft; 2 - lock washer; 3 - splines; 4 - ratchet; 5 - camshaft drive chain; 6 - lower cover of the drive of the camshaft; 7 - ignition distributor; 8 - asterisk of the tension device; 9 - oil scraper ring; 10 - compression ring; 11 - top cover of the drive of the camshaft; 12 piston: 13 - lock bolt of a natyazhitel of a chain; 14 - a camshaft asterisk, 15 - an axis of yokes; 16 - yoke; 17 - camshaft; 18 - nut of fastening of a head of the block of cylinders; 19 - cover of a head of the block of cylinders; 20 - adjusting screw; 21 - valve core tip; 22 - valve cracker; 23 - valve springs; 24 - the directing valve plug; 25 - valve; 26 - head of the block of cylinders; 27 - cylinder sleeve; 28 - block of cylinders; 29 - cover of the radical bearing; 30 - rod; 31 - rod cover; 32 - case pallet; 33 - maspopriyemnik; 34 - bent shaft; 35 - asterisk of a bent shaft; 36 - gear wheel of the drive of the distributor of ignition and oil pump; 37 - cover of the oil pump; 38 - gear wheel of the oil pump

Description of a design

The engine — petrol, four-cylinder, eight-valve, line.
In a forward part of the engine (on the car course) are located: camshaft drive, drive of the pump of cooling liquid and generator (maple belt), oil pump and filter, oil daaneniye sensor, ignition distributor, sensor of temperature of cooling liquid. On the right on the engine the final collector and spark plugs are located. At the left are located: the carburetors, the fuel pump, a starter, the generator, the pump of cooling liquid, the thermostat, an inlet pipe, the index of level of oil which are bringing and taking away cooling system hoses. To the back privalochny plane of the block of cylinders the coupling case fastens. The power unit (the engine with coupling and the transmission) fastens to a body on three rubber-metal support (two support — on the engine and one — on the transmission).
The block of cylinders of the engine — from aluminum alloy with removable pig-iron sleeves. An operating procedure of cylinders — 1 — 3 — 4 — 2, counting — from the camshaft drive.
The bent shaft — steel, rotates in five bearings of sliding (radical). Axial movement of a shaft is limited to two persistent half rings established in pro-points of a cover of the average (third) radical bearing.
Rods — steel, double-T section. In beds of the lower (demountable) heads of rods inserts of bearings of sliding of conrod necks of a bent shaft are established. In the top heads of rods bronze plugs are installed.
Piston fingers — "floating" type, rotate in plugs of the top heads of rods and lugs of pistons. Axial movement of each finger is limited to two lock rings established in pro-points of lugs of the piston.
Pistons — cast, aluminum, with two compression and one oil scraper ring.
The head of the block of cylinders is cast from aluminum alloy and fastens to the block on 10 hairpins with nuts. The joint of a head and the block of cylinders is condensed with me-talloasbestovy laying. In a head of the block of cylinders are located: camshaft, yokes of the drive of valves, axes of yokes, valves, valvate springs, saddles and guides of cores of valves. The camshaft — cast, pig-iron, rotates in three openings (beds) of a head of the block serving as sliding bearings. Inlet valves are located to the left of the camshaft, final — on the right. Screws which rotation regulates gaps in the drive of valves are screwed in the ends of yokes. Between adjusting screws and end faces of cores of valves tips of cores are established. Each valve opens under the influence of a yoke, and is closed by two springs (one in another) having opposite directions of a navivka.
The camshaft is given to rotation by a two-row vtulochno-roller chain. For compensation of wear of a chain the mechanism of its tension is provided, and for prevention of vibration (beating) of a chain in operating time of the engine the plastic uspokoitel serves.
The oil pump — gear, with the drive from a gear wheel on cranked to a shaft (the roller of the leading gear wheel of the oil pump enters in a vent-voye an ignition distributor drive gear wheel opening). The oil pump has no special case, its gear wheels rotate directly in a cavity of the lower cover of the drive of the camshaft.
Engine lubricant — combined. Under pressure radical and conrod bearings of a bent shaft, bearings of the camshaft, an axis of yokes are greased. To walls of sleeves of cylinders (further to piston rings and fingers), to yokes and cores of valves oil moves spraying.
The system of ventilation of a case — closed compulsory, with a suction of gases through the oil separator located in inflow of a cover of a head of the block of cylinders.