2.6. Removal of a natyazhitel of a chain

Natyazhitel chains is removed in case of its malfunction: adjustment of a tension of a chain does not yield result because of loss of mobility of a plunger, breakage or decrease in rigidity of a spring of a natyazhitel.

Cap key "on 12" we turn off a lock bolt of a natyazhitel.

We take out a bolt.

Hexagon "on 12" we turn off the stopper located in inflow of the top cover of the drive of the camshaft.

In the absence of a hexagon we turn off a high nut of fastening of the distributor of ignition (trying not to turn the distributor that the ignition advancing corner did not change)...

... and, having inserted it into a stopper, a cap key "on 12" we rotate a nut and we turn off a stopper.

Under a stopper there is a spring in the loaded state. Therefore, turning off a stopper, on the last rounds of a carving we hold it that the spring did not "shoot".

We remove a stopper with laying.

... also we take a spring.

By tweezers it is taken out a clamping plate of a plunger...

... and a plunger.

Mechanism of a natyazhitel of a chain.

We clear a plunger of a deposit and we oil engine. We insert it together with a clamping plate into a nest of the top cover of the drive of the camshaft so that the opening in a clamping plate coincided with an opening in a cover under a lock bolt. We roll a lock bolt so that its shaft entered an opening of a clamping plate. We insert a spring into a plunger. Pressing a hexagon on a stopper and overcoming effort of a spring, we wrap a stopper. Having turned a bent shaft of the engine in the direction of its rotation on 2-3 turns, we tighten a lock bolt.