2.2. Oil replacement

We perform work on a viewing ditch or the elevator

We replace oil on the heated-up engine.

Tetrahedron "on 9" we turn off a stopper of the pallet of a case and we merge oil in capacity not less than 5 l.

Oil discharge duration not less than 10 min. We wrap a drain stopper.

The stripper turned off an oil filter...

... also we take out it.

Having oiled laying of a new oil filter engine, navorachivay the filter on the union. After contact of laying of the filter with the privalochny plane dovorachivay the filter on 3/4 turns. Having uncovered a maslozalivny mouth, we fill in oil. Level of oil is controlled according to the index (probe) — level has to be between tags of "max" and "min". We start the engine. After on the dashboard the control lamp of pressure of oil will go out, we stop the engine. We double-check oil level. If necessary we add.