2.19. Removal of an oil receiver

We remove the engine case pallet (see. "Replacement of laying of the pallet of a case on the car").

Holding a bolt from a provorachivaniye a cap key "on 10", the same key we turn off a nut of fastening of an arm of an oil receiver to the arm established on hairpins of a cover of the second radical bearing of a bent shaft.

Cap key "on 10" we turn off two bolts of fastening of a flange of a tube of an oil receiver to the block of cylinders of the engine.

We remove an oil receiver.

The oil receiver flange joint with the block of cylinders of the engine is condensed with laying.

Carefully we wash out an oil receiver, in particular its grid, from deposits of dirt and oil. Having replaced laying, we establish an oil receiver in the return sequence.