2.12. Adjustment and replacement of the reducing valve of the oil pump

We perform work on a viewing ditch or the elevator.

We remove a forward cross-piece of a stretcher (see. "Removal of a stretcher")

Adjustment of the reducing valve is carried out in need of change of size of pressure of oil in the engine lubrication system.

Key "on 19" we turn off the cap-type nut of the reducing valve, holding the same key a lock-nut.

We remove the cap-type nut and its copper sealing ring.

For adjustment...

... a key "on 19" we weaken a lock-nut and we rotate the screw-driver the screw, changing pressure of opening of the valve (at a wraparound pressure grows). It is possible to control pressure in the lubrication system of the engine (idling) in the course of adjustment on the manometer screwed in a carving opening of a pro-rate of an oil filter instead of the oil pressure sensor. Upon termination of adjustment we tighten a lock-nut and the cap-type nut.

For removal of the reducing valve...

... a key "on 27" we unscrew the valve for a case hexagon.

We remove the valve and its copper sealing ring.

Raskontrivayem adjusting screw...

... also we turn out it from the valve case together with a lock-nut.

We remove a copper sealing ring from the screw.

We take out a spring and the piston from the valve case.

Carefully we wash out details in kerosene and we examine. On the surface of the piston and the internal surface of the case of the valve there should not be zadir, scratches and resinous deposits (deposit) which can lead to jamming or jamming of the piston and, as a result, to pressure decrease in the engine lubrication system. We collect and install the valve in the return sequence.