19.4. Zazhikaniye switch

For switching of the main electric chains of the car the combined switch (lock) of ignition consisting of a contact part and the mechanical anti-theft device and operated by a key from a driver's seat serves.

Short circuit of contacts of the switch of ignition at various provisions of a key and the included chains are given in the table. Irrespective of the provision of a key in the switch always energized there are power-supply circuits of a sound signal, a stoplight, the alarm system, the alarm system driving beam of headlights, the lighter, a plafond of illumination of salon and the plug socket for a portable lamp. At repair of these chains it is recommended to disconnect a wire of "weight" from the rechargeable battery.

It is possible to take out a key from the switch only in situation III (parking), at the same time the locking core (crossbar) of the anti-theft device moves forward and at turn of a steering wheel enters a groove on its shaft and blocks a shaft. At turn of a key from situation III in situation 0 it (is switched off) a locking core it utaplivatsya, releasing a steering cash.

Switching of plugs of the switch of ignition

Provision of a key The closed contacts The included chains
it (is switched off)
30 *; 30/1 * -
30-INT External lighting. Lighting of devices
30/1-15/1 Winding of excitement of the generator
System of ignition
EPHH control unit
Indexes of turn
Backing light
Windshield washer
30-15/2 Near and far light of headlights
Fog light
Heater fan
Radiator fan
Heating of back glass
30/1-15/1 See situation I
30-50 Starter
30-INT See situation I
30/1-P See situation I
* Contacts are energized

It is impossible to establish a key in situation III (parking) during the movement as the steering shaft at the same time will be blocked and the car will lose control.