19:15. Control devices

The combination of devices is located on the dashboard behind a steering wheel and unites control devices: a speedometer (with the counter of a daily and general run), a tachometer, indexes of temperature of cooling liquid, fuel level, the voltmeter, эконометр and control lamps. Control lamps with the light filter of red color forbid the further movement.

On a part of cars the arrow combination of devices with an electronic speedometer which drive is carried out not by a rope, but electric impulses of the otdatchik established on the transmission can be established.

Schemes of connection of signaling devices of emergency operation:

1 - switch of a control lamp of the parking brake; 2 - switch of a control lamp of a hydraulic actuator of the working brake system; 3 - sensor of emergency pressure of oil; 4 - assembly block; 5 - ignition switch; 6 - combination of devices.