19.10.3. Adjustment of headlights

In night-time park the car on the flat horizontal platform at distance of 5 m from the screen — a light wall of the building, a garage, etc. It is possible to use the sheet of plywood or a hardboard of 1x2 m in size. Fill the car, put the tool and the spare wheel on regular places, check pressure in tires of all wheels. Seat on a driver's seat of the assistant or put freight weighing 75 kg and slightly rock the car sideways for installation of suspension brackets.

Measure distance from the centers of headlights to a floor, at this height draw a line on the screen (in the drawing — the line 1), and is 65 mm lower than it — the second (line 2). Draw on the screen the vertical axial line O (distances from it to the centers of the left and right headlight have to be equal) and the lines A and B corresponding to the centers of headlights.

Install the handle of the electroproofreader of headlights in the provision of the minimum loading. Close one of headlights (a piece of a cardboard, plywood, etc.). Turn on passing beam of headlights. Screws with the plastic heads located on a back wall of a block headlight adjust the direction of light bunches of an open headlight. The upper bound of a spot (horizontal) has to coincide with the lower line, and the place of a break of a bunch (a point E crossings of horizontal and inclined sites) — with the vertical line of the center of a headlight. After that open and adjust the second headlight, having closed the first.