19.10.2. Electromechanical proofreader of headlights

The electromechanical proofreader of headlights serves for change of a tilt angle of headlights depending on loading of the car. Executive mechanisms are installed on block headlights and connected by an electrical wiring with the proofreader whose adjusting handle is located on the dashboard to the left of a steering wheel.

At failure executive mechanisms or the proofreader it is necessary to replace.

For removal of the executive mechanism we disconnect its socket (see. "Removal and dismantling of a block headlight, replacement of lamps").

Squeezing a finger a clamp of the case of the executive mechanism, we turn it counterclockwise and we take out from a block headlight.

For descriptive reasons we show removal of the case of the executive mechanism on the removed block headlight.

For removal of the proofreader we remove his handle...

... and by passatizha with narrow sponges it is turned off a plastic nut of fastening of the proofreader.

We remove the control unit panel (see. "Removal of a cable of the drive of the air gate of the carburetor"). Through the formed window...

... we take out the proofreader...

... also we disconnect from it the plug.

We establish details in the return sequence.