19.10.10. Cooling system fan electric motor

The electric motor of a direct current with excitement from permanent magnets, the ME 272 type. The electric motor does not need service, and at failure has to be replaced with new.

Technical characteristic

Nominal frequency of rotation of a shaft with a krylchatka, min.-1 2500-2800
Force of the consumed current at the rated power, And, no more 14
Starting moment, N · m (kgf · l), not less 1,27(0,13)
Direction of rotation right

Scheme of turning on of the electric motor of the fan of the cooling system: 1 - sensor of turning on of the electric fan; 2 - cooling system fan electric motor; 3 - assembly block; 4 - relay of turning on of the electric motor of the fan; 5 - ignition switch.

The electric fan turns on automatically — at the command of the sensor of the 661.3710 type established in a radiator tank. Temperature of short circuit of contacts of the sensor (99±3) °C and disconnection (94±3) °C. The sensor turns on the fan electric motor via the relay of 113.3747 type installed (in alternative execution) in a motor compartment on the left mudguard behind the relay of inclusion of a starter.

Removal of the electric fan is shown in the subsection "Removal of the Electric Fan of the Cooling System", removal of the relay is similar to the work shown in the subsection "Replacement of the Relay of a Starter".