19.1. General information

General information

Electric equipment of the car is executed according to the single-wire scheme: negative conclusions of sources and consumers of the electric power are connected to "weight" (a body and the main units of the car which carry out a role of the second wire). Onboard network — a direct current with tension of 12 Century. At the idle engine a dog consumers eat from the rechargeable battery, and after launch of the engine — from the generator of alternating current with the built-in rectifier and the electronic regulator of tension. During the operation of the generator the rechargeable battery is charged.

The most part of electric chains is protected by the fuses installed in the assembly block. The face value of a safety lock and the chain protected by it can be determined according to tables (for assembly blocks of an old and new sample). The electric motor of a motor-reducer of screenwash is protected by an automatic bimetallic safety lock of reusable action. Safety locks are not established in chains of ignition, a starter, a charge of the rechargeable battery. Powerful consumers (a starter, headlights, the cooling system fan electric motor, etc.) are connected via electromagnetic relays.

The scheme of electric equipment of the car is given in "Appendices".