18.9. Removal of a forward brake hose

We hang out and remove a forward wheel.

Holding with a key "on 17" a tip of a brake hose, a special key "on 10" we unscrew the tube union.

We bring a tube out of a hose tip.

That brake fluid did not follow, it is possible to put on a protective cap of the union of pumping of the wheel cylinder the end of a tube.

Key (at difficulty — a head) "on 24" we turn off a nut of fastening of the union of a brake hose to a body arm, holding a hose tip from a provorachivaniye a key "on 17".

We bring the union out of an arm opening. Do not lose at the same time a lock washer!

Rozhkov a key "on 17" we turn off a hose tip from the brake cylinder.

If the tip does not turn away, we use a cap key "on 17", having put on it a hose.

Connection of a hose with the cylinder is condensed with a copper ring which at assembly should be replaced new.

We remove a brake hose.

We establish a hose in the return sequence and we pump over the brake system (see. "Pumping of brakes").