18.7. Removal of pedal knot

The pedal knot is removed in case of deformation of pedals or their arm, and also for replacement of worn-out plastic plugs and the broken returnable springs.

We remove a steering column (see. "Removal of a steering column").

We disconnect a fork of a pusher of the main cylinder of coupling from a pedal and we turn off two nuts of fastening of the cylinder to pedal knot (see. "Removal of the main cylinder of a hydraulic actuator of coupling"). We disconnect a fork of a pusher of the vacuum amplifier from a pedal and we turn off four nuts of his fastening to pedal knot, and also we remove wires from the stoplight switch (see. "Removal of the vacuum amplifier of brakes and adjustment of a free wheeling of a pedal of a brake").

By head "on 13" with the extender it is turned off two nuts of the top fastening of pedal knot to a body...

... also we remove pedal knot assembled.

Holding a head "on 17" a coupling pedal bolt axis from a provorachivaniye, a key of the same dimension we turn off a nut...

... also we take out a bolt axis.

We take out a pedal, its plastic plugs and a spring from an arm. Similarly we remove a brake pedal.

Details of pedal knot.

Before assembly we apply lubricant like Litol-24 on plugs of pedals, the ends of springs and a junction of pushers with pedals. We establish pedal knot in the return sequence.