18:12. Removal of a back brake hose

We perform work on a viewing ditch or the elevator.

Holding with a key "on 17" a tip of a flexible hose, a special key "on 10", covering five sides, we unscrew the union of a brake tube.

We bring a brake tube out of an opening of a tip of a flexible hose.

That brake fluid did not follow, it is possible to put on a protective cap of the union of pumping of the wheel cylinder the end of a tube.

Holding a hose tip a key "on 17", a key "on 24" we turn off the nut fixing a hose tip in an arm opening.

We remove a lock washer.

We take out a hose tip from an arm opening.

Key "on 17" we turn off a hose tip from the adapter fixed on a beam of the back bridge, holding an adapter Rozhkov a key "on 19" (or a pipe key).

We remove a back brake hose and a copper sealing ring.

We establish a hose in the return sequence, having replaced a copper sealing ring new, and we pump over a hydraulic actuator of the brake system (see. "Pumping of brakes").