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17.8. Removal of the steering mechanism

The steering mechanism is removed for repair or replacement of its details. We perform work on a viewing ditch or the elevator.

We disconnect both tips of steering drafts from levers of rotary fists (see. "Removal of an external tip of steering draft"). We weaken a bolt of fastening of the lower cardan hinge to an intermediate shaft, we take out a bolt of fastening of the hinge to a shaft of a gear wheel of the steering mechanism and we remove the lower cardan hinge from a gear wheel shaft (see. "Removal of the lower cardan hinge").

Cap key "on 17" we turn off a nut of a bolt of the left fastening of a case of the steering mechanism to a stretcher, holding a bolt from a provorachivaniye a head "on 14".

We beat out a bolt the hammer through a drift from soft metal...

... also we take out a bolt.

Similarly we dismantle a bolt of the right fastening of a case of the steering mechanism to a stretcher.

We remove the steering mechanism together with steering drafts.

We install the steering mechanism in the return sequence, we regulate the angles of installation of wheels and we focus a steering wheel (see. "Removal of a steering wheel").