17.4. Removal of a steering column

We remove a steering wheel (see. "Removal of a steering wheel"). We remove casings of a steering column (see. "Understeering switch"). We remove the ignition switch (see. "Removal of the switch of ignition").

Cap key "on 17" we turn off four nuts of fastening of a steering column to an arm of pedal knot (the lower part of the dashboard is for descriptive reasons removed)...

... also we lower a shaft.

Under the lower collar of fastening there is a rubber laying.

In a motor compartment under the main brake cylinder the rubber cover is shifted up a shaft, we turn off a bolt of fastening and we weaken terminal connection of an intermediate shaft with the lower cardan hinge (see. "Removal of the lower cardan hinge"). We moisten an intermediate shaft with the getting lubricant of the WD-40 type. that it easier left an opening of a rubber boot and a sealant in a motor board.

Having pulled, we take out a shaft from shlits of the lower cardan hinge and we extend it through a rubber sealant in salon.

We remove a rubber cover from the lower cardan hinge.

Pay attention: on a shlitsevy part of an intermediate shaft the platform which at assembly of connection has to coincide with a cut in the lower cardan hinge is executed.

We establish a steering column in the return sequence.