17.3. Removal of a steering wheel

We perform work for removal of the understeering switch, a steering column, when replacing a contact ring of a sound signal or most steering wheel.

Sometimes it is necessary to reinstall a steering wheel after adjustment of angles of installation of wheels of the car.

We disconnect a wire of "weight" from the rechargeable battery. Having taken out a key from the ignition lock, we turn a steering wheel, the device locking a steering shaft will not work yet. We mark chalk a peak of the dashboard and a steering wheel.

We hook the screw-driver an overlay of a cover of the switch of a signal...

... also we remove it.

By the crosswise screw-driver it is turned off two self-tapping screws...

... also we uncover.

Head "on 24" with the extender to otvorachiva a nut of fastening of a steering wheel, but not up to the end.

Shaking, we pull on ourselves a steering wheel. If it moved on shaft vents...

... we turn off up to the end a nut of fastening and we remove a steering wheel.

If in such a way it is not possible to shift a steering wheel...

... we strike with the hammer through a drift from soft metal blows to an end face of a steering shaft, at the same time the assistant has to pull together a steering wheel from a shaft.

We establish a steering wheel in the return sequence on the put tags. When replacing by similar we combine two wheels and we transfer a tag to new.

If the provision of a steering wheel on a shaft did not coincide with former and spokes of a steering wheel at the movement of the car on a straight line settle down asymmetrically, in this situation we stop the car, we remove a steering wheel and we put it correctly then again we check installation accuracy. Work is carried out on the horizontal flat platform.