16.3. Removal of a spring

We perform work on a viewing ditch or the elevator.

On a beam of the back bridge we disconnect the lower fastening of the shock-absorber from arms (see. "Removal of the shock-absorber"), the lower end of a rack of the regulator of pressure of back brakes (see. "Removal of the regulator of pressure of back brakes and its drive") and the lower bar (see. "Removal of the lower bar"). Instead of the lower bar it is possible to disconnect top - from an arm on a body longeron (see. "Removal of the top bar").

During the work on a viewing ditch we hang out a back part of a car of the mobile.

We take out a spring together with a metal cup.

We remove a cup.

From deepening in a basic cup on a beam of the back bridge we take out the lower (plastic) laying.

We remove the top (rubber) laying from a compression buffer arm.

For replacement of the buffer of the course of compression...

... we hook it the screw-driver...

... also we take out from an arm opening.

Before installation of the buffer we grease its landing part with soap solution.

At installation of a spring...

... we put on it the top laying and a cup so that the end of the top round of a spring coincided with deepening of a cup.

We establish the lower laying of a spring in a basic cup of a beam so that...

... laying hollow.

... coincided with a ledge of a basic cup.

The top end of a spring with laying and a cup is put on a compression buffer arm...

... also we enter the lower round of a spring into deepening of the lower laying (it is for descriptive reasons shown on the removed details).

The emphasis brought under a beam we squeeze a spring, checking correctness of its installation, and we fix bars and the shock-absorber to beam arms.