15.7. Replacement of the hug bearing

We perform work on a viewing ditch or the elevator.

We hang out and remove a wheel.

We disconnect a support from a guide of blocks (see. "Dismantling of the forward brake mechanism")...

... also we tie up them a wire to a suspension bracket spring.

We remove a brake disk (see. "Dismantling of the forward brake mechanism").

To small beards raskoktrivay hug bearing nut...

... and a head "on 32" we turn off a nut.

Under a nut the persistent washer is located.

We remove a nave together with the bearing from a pin of a rotary fist.

If the nave is not removed, it is possible to use a trekhza-hvatny stripper.

Happens that after removal of a nave on a pin there is an internal ring of the bearing. We move it a chisel and we shift from a pin two assembly shovels. If on a pin there were traces from a chisel, eliminate them with a file.

From a pro-point from the inside of a nave by nippers it is taken out a persistent ring of the bearing.

The hug bearing is removed only for replacement therefore...

... having put a nave inside on sponges of a vice, we beat out the bearing the hammer through a suitable piece of a pipe.

It is possible to Vypressovat the bearing also the stripper applied when replacing stupichny bearings on front-wheel cars VAZ. At the same time the stripper bolt through a washer has to rest against an internal ring of the bearing.

Stripper and bearing.

We take out the bearing from a nave.

Before installation of the new bearing we clear an internal surface of a nave and we grease Litolom-24.

We press the new bearing in a vice a suitable piece of a pipe or an external ring of the old bearing.

For a press fitting it is possible to use a stripper, leaning its cup on a nave surface, and a washer - only on an external ring of the bearing.

We insert a persistent ring into a nave pro-point and we install a nave on the car in the return sequence.

Do not forget to besiege a nut fillet in a groove of a pin of a rotary fist.