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15.4. Removal of the lever

We remove the lever of a forward suspension bracket from the car for replacement of the saylent-block or the lever. The rubber and plastic plugs of a bar of the stabilizer installed in a lever eye can be replaced on the car, without removing the lever (see. "Removal of the stabilizer of cross stability").

For replacement of the lever we install the car on a viewing ditch or the elevator, we hang out its forward part and we remove a wheel.

We disconnect a spherical support from the lever (see. "Removal of a spherical support").

Passatizhami rasshplintovyvay a koronchaty nut of fastening of a bar of the stabilizer to the lever.

Cap key "on 24" we turn off a nut.

We remove a washer...

... and rubber plug.

Cap key "on 19" we turn off a nut of a bolt of fastening of the lever to a stretcher arm, holding a bolt from a provorachivaniye a cap key "on 17".

We beat out a bolt, striking blows with the hammer to a drift from soft metal.

We take out a bolt and we bring the lever out of an arm.

We remove the lever from the car.

Replacement of the plastic plug of the bar of the stabilizer established in a lever eye is shown in the subsection "Removal of the Stabilizer of Cross Stability".

Saylent-blok the lever we press off in a vice suitable pieces of pipes.

New saylent-block is moistened with soap solution and we press in the lever.

We install the lever on the car in the return sequence. Finally we tighten nuts of fastening of the lever to an arm of a stretcher and a bar of the stabilizer in situation "the car on wheels".