14.5. Removal of a beam of the back bridge

We perform work on a viewing ditch or the elevator. During the work on a viewing ditch we hang out a back part of the car.

We disconnect the back driveshaft from a flange of the leading gear wheel of the main transfer (see. "Removal of cardan transfer"). We remove back brake shoes (see. "Replacement of back brake shoes").

We turn off nuts of fastening of tips of covers of branches of a cable of the parking brake to brake boards and we bring cable tips out of their openings (see. "Adjustment and removal of knots of the parking brake system").

Special key "on 10", covering five sides, we unscrew two unions of brake tubes from an adapter.

We merge a brake zhikost in suitable capacity.

Head "on 12" we turn off a bolt of fastening of an adapter to a beam of the back bridge.

Pay attention: it is one of eight bolts of fastening of a cover of a reducer therefore at installation its carving should be greased germetiky.

We take an adapter with an arm aside.

We substitute an adjustable emphasis under a beam. We remove both springs of a back suspension bracket (see. "Removal of a spring").

We disconnect from beam arms both top and cross bars of a back suspension bracket (see. "Removal of the top bar", and "Removal of a cross bar").

We remove a beam assembled with half shafts and brake boards.

We establish a beam in the return sequence, having paid special attention much of installation of springs of a back suspension bracket (see. "Removal of a spring"). Nuts of fastening of bars and shock-absorbers to arms are finally tightened in situation "the car on wheels". After a wraparound of unions of brake tubes in openings of an adapter we pump over the brake system (see. "Pumping of brakes").