12.7. Removal of the forward bearing of a main shaft of the transmission

The bearing is removed for replacement.

Work is carried out on a viewing ditch or the elevator.

We remove an engine flywheel (see. "Replacement of a back epiploon of a bent shaft").

For removal of the bearing it is possible to use the elementary stripper. The bolt of M8 60-80 mm long is inserted by a head into an opening of an internal ring of the bearing so that it was hooked for a back edge of a ring. We wedge M8 bolt in an internal ring of the bearing any core with a diameter of 7 mm (it is possible to use the bolt or a hairpin of M8 which are ground off or flattened to the size of 7 mm). We put on a suitable piece of a pipe (with an internal diameter of 36-40 mm), a big washer a bolt and nazhivlyay a nut.

Tightening a nut, we press off the bearing.

Bearing and stripper.

The bearing can be beaten out...

... using a shock stripper with the hook hooked for an internal ring.

We press the bearing a suitable piece of a pipe, leaning only on an external ring of the bearing.

We establish the removed details in the return sequence.