11.5. Removal and installation of the transmission on the car with the engine UEPA-331

We perform work on a viewing ditch or the elevator.

The transmission can be removed from the car equipped with the engine UEPA-331 in two ways: with a case of coupling and without case. (Removal of the transmission assembled with a coupling case see in the subsection "Replacement of a Casing and the Conducted Clutch Plate on the Car with the Engine UEPA-331").

We remove the transmission without coupling case - at the same time dismantle of a starter, the working cylinder of coupling, a cover of a case of coupling, a reception pipe is not required. We remove a floor casing (see. "Removal of a casing of a floor") and an air supply air duct in a back part of salon (see. "Removal of an air duct of air supply in a back part of salon").

In salon, having pressed a core of the lever of switching of the lever down...

... the screw-driver we hook petals of the locking plug...

... also we bring them out of a ring flute of a core.

We remove a gear shifting lever core.

The screw-driver we unclench petals of the remote plug...

... also we remove it from the lever.

We remove rubber elastic from the lever...

... and locking plugs.

Are in an opening of a core of the lever...

... one more elastic plug...

... and persistent pillow.

The operations shown on a photo 1-9 for descriptive reasons are carried out on the removed transmission.

Key "on 8" we unscrew five self-tapping screws of fastening to a floor of a protective cover of the drive of gear shifting...

... also we uncover.

We carry out further operations under the car.

We merge oil from the transmission (see. "Oil replacement"). We disconnect wires from the switch of lamps of a backing (see. "Replacement of the switch of lamps of a backing").

We remove cardan transfer (see. "Removal of cardan transfer").

We disconnect a flexible shaft from the speedometer drive (see. "Removal of a flexible shaft of the drive of a speedometer").

We remove an arm of a reception pipe (see. "Removal of a reception pipe on the car with the engine UEPA-331")

Head "on 17" (with the cardan hinge) we turn off six bolts of fastening of the transmission to a case сцепления:...

... rub - at the left...

... and three - on the right (two of them fix an arm to which the arm of a reception pipe fastens).

We remove an arm.

We substitute under a transmission case an adjustable emphasis (or a jack).

Head "on 14" we turn off two bolts of fastening of a cross-piece to floor arms.

Accurately we shift the transmission back, bringing its main shaft out of a coupling case...

... also we remove the transmission.

In a pro-point of a case of coupling the spring ring is established (the convex party to the bearing).

We remove sealing laying.

At removal or installation of the transmission it is impossible to opirat a main shaft of a box on the epiploon established in a coupling case and on petals of a press clutch plate that not to damage them.

Before installation of the transmission we apply on shlitsevy the end of a main shaft a thin film of SHRUS-4 lubricant.

We include the IV transfer. For convenience of installation of a box...

... we roll two hairpins of M12 130-140 mm long in the lower carving openings of a case of coupling.

Using hairpins as guides, we install the transmission. Turning box shaft for a flange of the elastic coupling, we enter a main shaft into vents of a nave of the conducted clutch plate and into the bearing of a flange of a bent shaft.

We fix a box it is transferred to a coupling case by two bolts.

Having turned out assembly hairpins, further installation of a box is given carried out in the return sequence.

In salon before installation of a core on the gear shifting lever...

... we insert into a core opening a pillow and plugs (top elastic, remote, lower elastic and locking).

Having installed a core on the lever, we press a core before calling of petals of the remote plug a ring flute of the lever.