10.9. Replacement of a casing and the conducted clutch plate on the car with the VAZ-2106 engine

We remove the transmission (see. "Removal of the transmission").

Head "on 13" we turn off six bolts of fastening of a casing of coupling to a flywheel.

That bolts turned away easier, their heads can be tapped the hammer through a mandrel from soft metal.

We turn off bolts evenly, everyone no more than on one turn for pass not to deform a flange of a press clutch plate.

To hold a flywheel from a provorachivaniye, it is possible to screw a bolt of fastening of a case of coupling in an opening in the block of cylinders of the engine and, leaning an assembly shovel against a bolt, to insert its end between flywheel wreath teeths.

We remove a casing and the conducted clutch plate.

Establishing coupling, we focus the conducted disk the acting part of a nave towards a casing and we insert into a shlitsevy opening of a nave the aligning mandrel (for coupling of cars VAZ)...

... which has to enter an opening of the bearing located in openings of a flywheel and a flange of a bent shaft. We enshrine a coupling casing in this provision, evenly (on one turn for pass) tightening bolts the required moment (see. "Appendix") we also take out the aligning mandrel from an opening. We grease vents of a main shaft of the transmission and an external surface with the SHRUS-4 lubricant directing plugs of the bearing of switching off of coupling and we establish the removed details in the return sequence.

At removal and installation of the transmission it is impossible to opirat a main shaft on petals of a press spring of coupling - they can be damaged.

After installation of the transmission we adjust the coupling drive (see. "Adjustment of the drive of switching off of coupling").