10:12. Councils of skilled

Replacement of the conducted clutch plate

On cars with the engine VAZ when replacing of the conducted clutch plate apply a special mandrel or an old main shaft of the transmission to its centering. Meanwhile, there is a way allowing to do without these devices. Only the G-shaped tubular key "10x13" having knee length with a bigger head of 70-90 mm is required. We establish the conducted disk and a casing of coupling on a flywheel and slightly nazhivlyay fastening bolts that the disk could move freely between a casing and a flywheel. Then we install the transmission. At the same time vents of its main shaft without difficulties enter a disk nave, and it samotsentrirutsya. Having fixed the transmission by bolts on an engine case, we remove a rubber cover of a clutch release fork lever and we take away a fork back (from the engine). Now through the formed window we tighten bolts of fastening of a casing the G-shaped key, as shown in the drawing. It is necessary to do it gradually, wrapping each bolt serially on one turn and turning a bent shaft.

Replacement of a fork of switching off of coupling

For replacement of the damaged fork of inclusion of coupling it is necessary to dismantle a coupling case. It is possible to act simpler. We turn off two bolts fixing the working cylinder of coupling, and we take him aside. We remove a rubber cover of a fork from a case and we take it. We cut the ends of a new fork on sharpened or a file on the plane like a wedge, as shown in the drawing. Lighting with a lamp via the hatch the release bearing, we put a fork into place, having brought its ends under a spring on the release bearing by means of a hook. It is necessary to return into place a cover, the cylinder of coupling and to adjust a free wheeling of a fork.

Installation of a fork by means of a tube

It is possible to establish a fork of switching off of coupling without removal of a case also by means of a thin plastic tube not less than 30 cm long (for example, from windscreen washer). We put on the ends of a tube pads of a spring and on them as on guides, we enter a fork on the place.